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Authentication and authorization

Important: This authentification process is only for single shop apps. There are two kind of API keys: for apps (APP_KEY & APP_SECRET) and for single shops (api_key & api_secret). For apps in the App Store and authentication, please view the Installing an app tutorial.

How to obtain an API key

To use the Lightspeed eCom API you will need an API key (api_key) and secret (api_secret) for your (test)-store. Contact our Customer Service department for more information about obtaining an API key.

If you want to build an app, you can obtain the App API keys (APP_KEY & APP_SECRET) after creating the app in the partner account. See the tutorial 'build an app' for more information.

How does authentication work?

$ curl -u key:secret
Every request must contain an API key and secret. Both are provided by Lightspeed eCom.

Authentication is managed via HTTP authentication. Every request must include the Authorization HTTP Header.

Below is the URL template for every API call:

Cluster URLs

us1 -

eu1 -

Old: live - (backwards compatibility, but don't use anymore please)

Example request

Below you'll find an example request for a developer that wants to retrieve the English products for an online store, located on the *eu1-cluster*.

With this call you will retrieve all products with the associated data. If you want the response to be formatted in XML instead of JSON, simply replace .json with .xml at the end of the URL.

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