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Publish an app

So you have finished development and your ready to accept customers? Now lets talk about publishing your app!

1. Determine the price of the app (Billing)

Together with our ecosystem team, you determine an adequate price for the built app. Billing can be totally automated by Lightspeed eCom, which is convenient for developers, but also for our merchants. If you want to do your own billing, that's also possible, please contact us about it. Please choose so in the partner portal under Billing: By Lightspeed eCom or By Partner.

When we do the billing, you can setup a trial period for the app, which can be 14 days or 30 days. Within these time-limits, merchants won't be billed when using the app. Note: merchants are not billed for an app when they uninstall the app within 12 hours after install, whether there's a trial period or not.

If the app is free or you do your own billing, you can choose the price type Variable price, Performance-based or Free in the dropdown. You can also add a small description which becomes available on the app page (under price). You can enter this short description in all necessary languages. Because it's a short description, we advise to mention at what price the app starts, but also to add a URL to an external pricing page.

Partner billing description

Note: we are planning on building a Billing API, which allows for flexible pricing. We will update the API docs, once it is completed.

2. App Listing: Complete all required fields

Before publishing your app, you are required to fill in some fields such as a summary and a description of your app, but also appealing visuals. These fields are important, so here we provide you with some tips and tricks that you should follow to get the most out of the app experience (see also example image).

Note: the summary and description should be completed in different languages to which the app is available (change under 'edit'); next to the native language of the app, we advise at least in Dutch, German and English. If possible, provide documentation in multiple languages and refer to the localized requirement website (.nl/.de/.com). Please do not fill in a language if the app is not available in that language (i.e., do not complete the designated language-box).

To make it simple, we have create a compelling format for you. DOWNLOAD IT HERE.

Under 'edit':

  • Provide a brief summary of the app (sales pitch). This summary is visible when 'hovering' over the app in the App Store. It is one of the first triggers for call-to-action.
  • Provide the documentation URL (link to HTML- or PDF-format): add the app installation setup instruction, a FAQ, a tutorial video, etc. This will greatly reduce support tickets on your end.
  • Mention external requirements. When your app requires additional software or an external account other than Lightspeed eCom, this should be noted. Provide the name, where is it located (URL), and if it is free or paid?
  • Write an elaborate description of the app using the WYSIWYG editor. Please use these guidelines (see this elaborate description):
    • Implement a video (explainable), preferably on top op the page (<iframe>);
    • Provide three key taglines for your app.
    • Start with a general introduction/about the app section;
    • Mandatory: use bold or underlined headings for the following items; USP's/benefits, pricing, and third-party requirements.
    • Use bulletpoints to show the USP's of your app, but also from possibile third-party software. Merchants want to read that an app will save them time or make them money;
    • Important: List possible prices of required third-party software (e.g., accounting/e-mailmarketing software needed for using the app). If the app is only the connector, this should be clear. Be transparent for our merchants;
    • Use hyperlinks to navigate to certain pages;
    • Refer to the app-documentation in the app listing description (it will greatly reduce support tickets on your end).

Do not forget to save the changes (top or bottom) before going back to 'general settings'. At the overview page you can preview the text-page as it would appear in the App Store (including HTML output).

On the overview page:

  • Choose an app category.
  • Provide great (visuals). A good icon (175x175px) and a beautiful banner (288x162px), both preferably with colored background, leverage great call-to-action. Using screenshots in the portfolio section 480x360px) improves adoption. Our merchants want to know what they are dealing with, and screenshots provide a good overview.
  • Provide all necessary app URL's (success, cancel and uninstall URL of the app, and app website).
  • Determine permissions of the app (read/write): this is important, so fill it in correctly. We do not want to confuse our merchants.
  • Save changes at the bottom of the page.

A good tip is to check for examples of other apps to get a general idea of how it should be communicated.

3. File your app for beta testing

If required, your app can be launched in the beta section of the app store (dropdown under categories). The app will then only be visible when visiting the beta category section. Merchants that are willing to beta test the app can discover bugs and provide you with recommendations for improving the app.

Note that the app needs to be in full-functionality and must allready be thoroughly tested by both the development party as well as Lightspeed eCom. It is not about defining the app and its functionalities; it is about checking whether the functions fulfil to the needs of the end-users.

Beta apps shall be communicated through our beta-test merchants group and our innovation panel. Other merchants can also use the app by visiting the beta section.

4. Provide accurate contact details

Give your contact details in your account (under 'Edit account' section). The e-mailadress and phone number shall be visible for support issues. Without this, the app cannot be published! Please do not click the checkbox 'Visible in the expert area (for approved agencies only)', without approval. Do not forget to 'save changes' at the bottom of the page.

Edit account

5. Launch the app

After completing the above, you are ready to publish the app. Use the blue 'publish' button on the top-right corner of your screen (under app). After publishing, you'll notice a 'submitted, waiting for confirmation' button. Please send an e-mail to one of the business developers so they can do a final-check on completed fields and test the app. Once confirmed, you'll be able to see the page in your partner-account as it will be shown in the App Store. After that, Lightspeed eCom can publish the app in the App Store.

Note: if you want to make changes to any of the app's fields (e.g., change icon or add to description), after doing so, always republish the app using the green 'approved, republish' button on the top-right corner of your screen.

6. Final requirements

Lightspeed eCom partners are expected to fulfil a number of requirements after publishing the app. Lightspeed eCom is a growing company. To continue growing, we require that our partners:

  • Add the Lightspeed eCom logo, including a do-follow link and information, to their homepage or partner section (please request for the partner-package).
  • Communicate the new app through their media channels.

Further information on partner requirements will be thoroughly discussed in the partner agreement.

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