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Becoming a partner

With the template editor you can easily design your own store storefront, but also create pre-designed themes. Basically everything a merchant sees is customizable. The template editor is specifically made for developers/designers and merchants with know how of HTML and CSS. We have prepared a complete manual with a lot of sample code to make it easier for you. Have a look and start coding!

Sign up as a Lightspeed partner

To start developing a theme, you need to signup as a partner. Once you have registered and have gained approval from our business developers, you will receive your partner account details within 5 working days. As a partner you gain access to our partner dashboard where you can create apps, themes and sell your services to our customer base. A test store will be created for you at the same time your partner account is created.

Read the documentation extensively

Our getting started guides provide you with all the necessary information for creating your theme.

Please note: Make sure to read the theme-checklist before you start building a theme, as it displays the functional requirements for theme development.

The template editor gives you complete control over the HTML, CSS and JavaScript code. You can find the template editor under GENERAL > Design > Template Editor in the Backoffice. Read more

Learn about our template language Rain. Rain is the engine used to customize your own theme. It's a small and fast template language which is easy to learn, but very powerful for full customization. Read about it here.

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