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The partner environment


The Lightspeed eCom platform has multiple clusters. In order to communicate with a specific cluster you need to identify on which cluster the shop is hosted. The URL will differ based on which cluster the shop is hosted on. Currently these are the clusters that are in use: NoAm (North America) and EU.

Cluster URLs####

NoAm cluster: -

EU cluster: -

IMPORTANT, PLEASE NOTE: The two clusters are currently independent from eachother, meaning changes performed to your themes on one cluster will not affect the other. New partners are generally assigned to the EU cluster

The Partner Area

The Partner Area is your first destination for an overview of your earnings and all themes you have developed, amongst others. For the purposes of this document we'll focus on the Themes area.

You can create a new theme using the Create a new theme button. This will create a new Test store you'll be able to modify in the Backoffice. When you click on a theme's name in this view you will see the following:

Create a theme

You can see an overview of your theme's description which you can edit by clicking on the (Edit) link next to the theme name. The Publish button (sometimes named re-publish) at the top right of this page is an important item. Every time you make edits to your theme description and you want these changes reflected in the Theme Store, you should click this button and inform your partner manager, who will then check your changes and authorize the publication.

The Backoffice

The backoffice is the same area where Merchants work from but as a partner, you may have access to more areas of the backoffice. There are two versions of the backoffice, v1 and v2. Most functions should behave in the same way in both versions. At the time of writing, new customers should be directed to use v2 for all purposes and v1 support should be phased out. However, some partner specific functions may only be available within v1.

Your login information for both versions is the same.

v1 login url####

EU cluster:

NoAm cluster:

v2 login url####

EU cluster:

NoAm cluster:

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