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Prepare your theme

Test your theme

By now you have learned everything you need to know for building the actual theme using the documentation.

While building your theme, you need to test all the different functions within your test store. Make sure you have tested the theme extensively and that your theme is free of bugs before going to the next step.

Write a manual

You will need to write an elaborate documentation manual for our merchants detailing how they can use and customize your theme. We do not have strict guidelines for theme manuals as long as they are clear, you can check examples on other themes for inspiration. A theme changelog is now also a requirement inside the theme manual. Consider the following:

  • What functionalities does the theme have?
  • How do you maximize the functionality for each setting?
  • What are the best dimensions for the images you can upload?
  • Etc.

Please note: Any and all screen shots present in documentation should be taken under the [v2] environment.

Theme store Description

The description is of utmost importance to identify what makes the theme unique. It should explain why a merchant should choose that particular theme. The description section allows HTML tags (<b>, <i>, <u>), but they should be used sparingly. Please follow this structure closely to ensure cohesion throughout the theme store :

Description : 3 bullet points.

Keep this line identical apart from your own names and preset links.

  • Check the different THEME NAME styles PRESET A, PRESET B and PRESET C for inspiration

Outline one key feature or selling point in one line only

  • ex: This theme is lightning fast and is SEO-optimized

Keep this line identical apart from your own company name and link to your website.

  • Designed by COMPANY NAME

(horizontal line)

Theme description (3-5 lines): The promotional message: main features, style effects, design-proposals, etc. Why would a merchant choose this theme? For its conversion, ease of use, quality, features etc.? What distinguishes the theme? Here you are free to use your best salesman lingo, in full sentences, explaining why your theme is the best one and how it will improve sales for Merchants.

Other Lightspeed customers currently using Theme (3-5 if possible):
Link the best examples from your clients, starting with a capital letter, BR delimited. Make sure to keeo this list up to date.

Key features (5-7): Please use clear, succinct language that highlights specific features for your Theme. Try not to describe standard features (ex: Responsive theme, Product slider) or vague statements (ex: Easy to edit, Well designed product page). Try not to use full sentences.

  • Bad example : Great menus: This theme has a really easy menu! You can change the colors in the back office and that way, you can improve all your sales because you can choose the same colors as your branding. This will be great for you!

  • Good example : Features a fully customizable mega menu as well as a sleek drop-down menu.

Presets :
Link to all your presets demos, starting with a capital letter, BR delimited.

Documentation :Please keep the text intact and simply change the link to your theme's documentation on the word 'here'

Click here for documentation.

Please keep the text intact and change the Theme Name and your Partner name. Include either a link to your website or a phone number. Please include a support email address with a mailto: link

Would you like to receive more information about THEME NAME, its possibilities, or tailor made changes? Contact COMPANY NAME:


phone: +00 000 00000

The description needs to be completed in all the languages to which the theme can be offered, preferably in Dutch, German and English. Please do not fill any language field if the theme is not available in that language and simply leave the fields blank.

Presets demo stores & screen shots

By creating a preset you give the merchant the possibility to choose between multiple style variants. Please install a maximum of four presets that offer a nice variation in our Theme Store. Please do not only change colors in the presets, rather think about in/excluding certain settings and changing the headlines etc. Presets are a great way to present your theme to different industries.

Keep in mind that you need to upload images of your theme presets as well. The dimensions for these images is 768px × 1024px; we require a total of three screenshots, fulfulling the index page, collection page and product page. The first screenshot will be the icon in our Theme Store and needs to have a mobile example. For full preset requirements please visit the Theme Checklist

Please note: Contact your partner manager for a PSD template of the theme screen shot.

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