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Publish your theme

Provide accurate contact details

Give your contact details in your partner account (under the 'Edit account' section). The e-mail address and phone number should be visible for support issues. Without this, the theme cannot be published! Please do not click the checkbox 'Visible in the expert area (for approved agencies only)', without approval. Do not forget to click on save changes at the bottom of the page.

Edit account

Determine the price of the theme

Together with our business developers, you can decide on an adequate price for your theme. Billing is totally automated by Lightspeed, which is convenient for designers and for our merchants alike.

Price is determined based on features & capabilities, design, and differences from other themes (uniqueness).

Launch the theme

After completing the above, you are ready to publish the theme. Use the blue publish button on the top-right corner of your screen. After publishing, you'll notice a submitted, waiting for confirmation button. Please contact your partner manager to indicate you have published the theme.

New themes will always be checked and tested extensively by Lightspeed frontend specialists to identify if your theme meets our requirements; they will check for bugs and check your theme against the Theme Checklist. Finalized themes are published on as soon as your partner manager confirms your theme meets the validation criteria. If the theme does not meet the requirements, you will have to communicate back and forth with your partner manager until your theme passes validation.

When everything is correct, the theme will be published and will receive status published in the partner account. Merchants can install the theme via our Theme Store, and you can start earning!

Note: if you want to make changes to any of the theme's fields (e.g., changed screenshot or added to description), after doing so, always republish the app using the green approved, republish button on the top-right corner of your screen and check in with a partner manager.

Prepare the theme for the North American cluster

After your theme is up and running on the European cluster, we will ask you to activate your theme on the North American cluster to be able to sell on that market. The two clusters are not connected at the time of writing, so changes made on either cluster will not be reflected in the other cluster.

Read more about clusters

Please follow the theme-checklist and coordinate with your partner manager to ensure that all theme elements are fully validated before applying changes to the North American cluster.

Other requirements

Lightspeed partners are expected to fulfil a number of requirements after publishing the theme. Lightspeed is a growing company. To continue growing, we require that our partners:

  • Add the Lightspeed logo, including a do-follow link and information, to their homepage or partner section (please request for the partner-package).
  • Communicate the new theme through their media channels.

Lightspeed can generally help by promoting your theme through our own marketing channels, however, we do not offer any guarantees. Further information on partner requirements will be thoroughly discussed in the partner agreement.

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