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How to publish your theme in Germany

Version 1.4, last edit: March 31st, 2016

We expect that Lightspeed Partners offer their theme for multiple countries/regions, for example the German market. Some changes have to be made regarding the German legislation. All information about this subject is listed the article below.

Please note: All snippets in this article are plain examples without styling. You can customize yourself where needed.

We created a useful manual for a complete overview: DOWNLOAD MANUAL. But read the following first.

Launching a theme in Germany

When launching a theme for the German market we set up some ground rules.

  • Support in English is mandatory – German is convenient

  • Theme documentation in English is mandatory – German is convenient

  • All legislation code should only be shown when the Legal Mode setting is activated. This setting can be found at Settings > Advanced > Legal Mode under the [v1] environment and A short preview of this code is shown below

      {% if == 'strict' %}
      {% endif %}

Strict mode

German legislation

Unit price

The unit price needs to be shown in striking distance of the original price, where ever the price of a product is shown. For instance, it needs to be shown in the pages/index.rain, pages/collection.rain, pages/product.rain templates.

	{% if product.unit %}
		{{ 'Unit price' | t }}: {{ product.unit.price | money }} / {{ product.unit.unit }}
	{% endif %}

UVP (Unverbindliche Preisempfehlung)

A mark of UVP needs to be shown after the declaration of the old price. More information about this subject is available at the following link:

Unverbindliche Preisempfehlung (Wikipedia)

	{% if product.price.price_old %}
			{{ product.price.price_old | money }}
			{{ 'SRP' | t }}
	{% endif %}

SRP: Suggested retail price, the translation added in the Lightspeed Backoffice.

Referring to shipping costs

A link to Shipping Costs needs to be shown in striking distance of the original price, where ever the price of a product is shown. There used to be a workaround with an asterisk and a legend at the bottom of a page but that is no longer acceptable.

			{% if shop.b2b %}{{ 'Excl. VAT' | t }}{% else %}{{ 'Incl. VAT' | t }}{% endif %} 
		{{ 'Excl. $1' | t('<a href="' ~ 'service/shipping-returns' | url ~ '" target="_blank" title="' ~ 'Shipping costs' | t ~ '">' ~ 'Shipping costs' | t ~ '</a>') | raw }}

Quantity discounts

The quantity discounts needs to be placed at the pages/product.rain in close distance to the original price. This will show the quantity discount including the percentage that will be saved by the customer.

	{% for discount in product.discounts %}
		{{ 'Buy $1 for $2 each and save $3' | t (discount.quantity, discount.price | money, discount.percentage | percentage) }}
		{% if discount.unit %}
			({{ discount.unit.price | money }} / {{ discount.unit.unit }})
		{% endif %}
	{% endfor %}


If you need any help regarding this subject, please get in touch with your partner manager.

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